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Drive traffic to your Site. SEO tips !

Many of us have a webpage. The content is good but where are the visitors ?  Ok , one way is to advertise but before this step

you can try these tips.


  1. Submit your page to search engines like, Google, Yahoo, Msn, Dmoz etc.
  2. Check your pages, posts to have metadata and keywords. Use google adwords tool to find the most searched keywords
  3. Add heading tags <h1>  to your page.
  4. Create Backlinks. Check if you have some  with this tool. If not , write to forums, promote your post with Facebook , twitter etc , or ask your friends to add a link to your page.
  5. Create a sitemap, internal links inside your page

Most of all find a good title.  And check often your page rank to see what’s going on. You can check at net-tools your pagerank and links.


Have fun !